About Our School

Pikeville High School is located in the Pikeville Independent School District in Pikeville, Kentucky. We recently celebrated our 100th anniversary. The PHS Class of 2016 was the 100th class to graduate. Nestled in the coalfields of the Appalachian Mountains, Pike County covers approximately 780 square miles. It is the largest county in the state of Kentucky and the third largest banking center in the state. Despite the demise of the coal industry and declining population trends throughout the region, the City of Pikeville demonstrates an increase in population. The county seat, Pikeville, was twice voted one of "The 100 Best Small Towns in America" and is home to the CutThru Project, which has been called "The Eighth Wonder of the World." Within 4 miles of our school, we have both a community college campus, Big Sandy Community and Technical College and a private college, the University of Pikeville which houses graduate programs in business and education and an osteopathic medicine school, and soon-to-be optometry school. UPIKE recently hired Dr. Burton Webb as president . We have a large chain of healthcare offerings from Pikeville Medical Center who recently partnered with the Mayo Clinic. Two private schools feed elementary children into our junior high program from St.Francis and Christ Central Christian School. With the expansive East Kentucky Exposition Center centered in downtown Pikeville, our community is able to enjoy entertainment and sporting events and attend concerts with popular artists in a large venue. Recently added to the community was Pikeville Commons which has added new stores and restaurants to the area. Within a 30 minute drive, our community can visit the East Kentucky Science Center, Jenny Wiley Theater, Mountain Arts Center and a variety of restaurants and shops. Located only a few miles from town, the community has access to a beautiful natural environment at The Breaks Interstate National Park. There are 560 students at Pikeville High School in grades 7 through 12 with a total population of 1260 district-wide in conjunction with our sole elementary school in the district. Pikeville High School houses a principal, an assistant principal, a guidance counselor, a librarian, a school nurse, a youth advocate (Youth Services Center), 37 certified staff including a part-time gifted and talented teacher, part-time vocal music teacher and 26 classified staff. Pikeville High School is committed to maintaining its current and historical status as a school with 100% highly qualified staff teaching within their particular certification areas. It is widely known throughout our community, region and even state that Pikeville Independent School system provides an exceptional education and this knowledge is strongly supported by the number of tuition students who choose to come to our school (35%). With an average attendance rate of 95.6%, our parents and students understand the importance of education in the new global economy and stress the significance of a quality educational background prior to college or career. Approximately 97% of Pikeville High School students will go on to pursue some type of secondary education. With a rigorous curriculum, numerous AP course offerings and dual credit courses offered by surrounding institutions, Pikeville High School consistently prepares the student body for the challenges of an ever-changing economy and increasingly technical world. As the local community and American economy changes, though, we are faced with an influx of new clientele and a growing gap of students who have great family support and good socioeconomic status versus those students who do not. The free and reduced lunch category has slowly increased every year with a rate of 30% as of Dec.1, 2016. Because we envision a campus that helps and supports every child, we are constantly evaluating our clientele and creating programs and safety nets to meet the needs of this 'newer student' in the Pikeville community. With a large number of students in extracurricular activities (approximately 75%), we know that kids love coming to school and even staying after the school day ends. As a hub in the community, our doors are open almost all hours every evening of the week and usually on weekends to reinforce the idea that school is and should be the center of an active community. Overall, Pikeville High School provides a safe, caring environment for ALL students and attempts to prepare every child for the future they deserve.